About Us

Crawl…Walk…Run – CWR – that’s the philosophy behind our training program. Much like people learn to walk, swim, or ride a bike, learning to shoot requires patient, competent instructors and a positive, inviting environment. Our training begins with basic shooting courses and permit to carry classes, where students are exposed to a large amount of new information. Due to the nature of these courses, the focus is on developing safe gun handling skills, increasing knowledge of firearms & ammunition, and determining what role firearms may play in your life.   After our basic courses, we offer our ‘defensive’ series of classes.  These are designed to provide our students with solid operational skills to avoid a physical conflict if possible and to win the fight if necessary.  We offer classes that will challenge a wide variety of skill levels. Our training is based on the principle of total participant involvement. Although some knowledge can be gained during lecture, much of the time we’d prefer to have you experiencing the training, rather than sitting through it. We try to balance the cost of our classes and the amount of ammunition shot in the class to develop a course that provides a good balance of learning and skill development without breaking the bank. From basic pistol shooting courses to defensive shotgun & carbine classes, CWR can provide you with high-quality, reasonably-priced, training in the central Iowa area.  Operating out of Ames, IA, most of our live-fire classes are taught at the Ames Izaak Walton League and the Boone Sportsmens Club.  We are happy to bring training to you – please contact Darin to discuss training options.  The host range receives tuition free for 1 seat in each hosted course that fills up.