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Intro to Handgun Shooting Marksmanship Course

The 4-hr Intro to Handgun shooting course is designed to prepare to students to develop reliable safe gun handling skills and marksmanship with a focus on the defensive use of a handgun for personal protection. Students must bring a reliable handgun and at least 150 rounds of commercially manufactured ammunition. Loaner pistols are available and we can provide ammunition if needed at the cost of the ammunition.The class will cover the following information:

  • Nomenclature and cleaning of your handgun
  • Safe Gun Handling and Rules of Using & Storing Firearms
  • Ammunition Knowledge Fundamentals of Marksmanship with live fire practice.

Class is limited to 6 students – cost of the class is $80.

Intro to Low Light Defensive Handgun Techniques
4-hour course designed to provide students with an introduction to principles for using a handheld flashlight during reduced light self-defense encounters with a handgun. Each student will need a defensive caliber handgun with 3 magazines or speed loaders, a strong side belt or paddle holster, a quality handheld flashlight, 150 rounds of factory-new ammunition (no magnums), and appropriate range clothing (close-toed shoes / no low-cut tops). Class is limited to 6 students. Cost of the course is $80.
Defensive Pistol 1
This 1 day, range only class is for students who want/need to develop these strong fundamentals. Initially focusing on the 7 elements of marksmanship – stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger press, breathing, and following through – students will develop reliable, combat accuracy. From there students will build solid, fundamental skills in the following areas:
  • Draws
  • Reloads
  • Malfunction clearance
  • Movement
  • Use of cover & concealment
  • Verbalization / Communication
The mission of CWR Firearms Training is to train our students to continually master the basics. Defensive Pistol 1 provides responsible citizens with a excellent opportunity to further develop reliable defensive skills and continue on the path of mastering the basics.
Student should bring a reliable center-fire handgun with three magazines or speed loaders, 250 rounds of practice ammunition, strong-side holster, magazine pouch, concealment garment (coat, jacket, vest), cleaning equipment, and eye & ear protection. The course is limited to 10 students. Cost of the course is $150 and pre-registration is required.
¬†This course is not a basic/introductory marksmanship course; students should be comfortable shooting defensive caliber handguns and have the ability and experience to follow the NRA’s Three Rules for Safe Gun Handling – safety violations on the range will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the course. Good examples of preparatory courses / experience are the NRA First Steps or Basic Pistol Shooting class, participation in an IDPA/USPSA/Steel Match, or Instructor Discretion.
Defensive Pistol 2

8-hr class that continues to lead shooters to master the duality between marksmanship & speed.  Topics include multiple targets, movement, moving targets, unorthodox shooting positions, and threat identification. Bring 250 rounds. $150